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I majored in Mass Communication Science with an emphasis on Audiovisual Production at the
University of Costa Rica. Later, after studying Film Direction and Editing at the Centre d’Estudis
Cinematogràfics de Catalunya (Spain) I developed advanced editing and post-production skills in Spain, where I worked for nine years in film and commercial productions.

In addition to being the editor of more than twenty short films, I am the editor of the feature films “Relentless” (France-Germany-Nigeria, 2010), “Interferències” (Spain, 2011), “The 20£ Dream (Nigeria-France, 2020), “La Hija de Lázaro“ (Spain-Costa Rica, 2023) and the documentary produced by Televisión Española (TVE) and Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) “Lone Star,” (Spain, 2014). In addition, I'm the visual effects artist for the films “Primero de Enero” (Dominican Republic, 2014) and “Anesthesia” (USA, 2015) starring Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll and Glenn Close.

I have participated in events such as the Stereo-3D Forum in Munich (2013), the International Talent
Workshop in Zagreb (2011), the Berlinale Talent Campus in Berlin (2011) and in Guadalajara (2015).
Additionally, I've completed the Dramatic Structure Workshop at the International School of San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba, 2015).

Currently, I'm very active with video editing, 2D animation, motion graphics and color grading work for production agencies with clients such as Google, Amazon, GSK, etc.

Also, I'm a professor at the Veritas University Film and Television School, and at the Center for Technologies and Visual Arts (CETAV).

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