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- Film editor of feature film “Relentless” by Andy Okoroafor. 95min. 

Clam Films, Charivari Films (2009-2010) Paris, France.
61st BFI London Film Festival


- Co-editor of feature film "Interferències" by Pablo Zareceansky. 75min. Quepo Foundation (2011) Barcelona, Spain.


- Editing, motion graphics and color grading of documentary

“Lone Star: La estrella que marcó el camino” by Marcel Cifré and

Raúl Roda. 60min. TVE, TVC, Viàtic Docs (2014)

Barcelona, Spain.


- Visual Effects Artist for feature film "Anesthesia".

Digital-Arts (2015) New York, USA.

Featuring Glen Close, Kristen Stewart, Cory Stoll

Tribeca Film Festival

- Visual Effects Artist for feature film "Primero de Enero".

Bonter Media (2014) Dominican Republic.



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